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     Massage - Medical History Form: 

 (Right Click -Med Form Below - Next Click - Print Picture)

  As a new client or a client that has not been to MAOW in a while you can fill out the form, update and bring it with you ! 
 Please be sure to date and sign the form once completed.

All information is held confidential with your therapist
The information is used in assessment of your condition to better and more safely provide a therapeutic massage session for you. 
Massage therapist are not DOCTORS and do not diagnose medical conditions.
If you have a severe condition or a condition that your not sure about of any kind consult your doctor before receiving massage therapy. If you have a fever DO NOT schedule a massage.

If you have been involved in some kind of accident or injury that may involve MAOW sending this information form and notes to an insurance company please let us know so records can be kept for each of your visits. These records may be required by your insurance company to reimburse you for the session cost or a portion of the session cost. 

Please consult your Attorney before you send any information to an Insurance Company.

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