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 Massage: On-Line Scheduling: 

Click on the  Schedule On-Line Button  above

The on-line scheduler we use at MAOW  is "Appointment - plus" and  is a secure site millions of people use daily.
This scheduler is the scheduling home of some very well know company's - Pepsi, U.S. ARMY, U.S. Air Force, Weight Watchers, P&G, Georgia Pacific, Cisco, Intuit, American Red Cross to name a few.
"Appointment - plus" has also forged an alliance with  American Massage Therapy Association  AMTA of which MAOW is a full member. 

 Registration: user name and password is needed to use this scheduler. Once this is established your password and user name will be e-mailed to you for future reference.
        Try using your e-mail for a login name. Easy to remember!

Important:The scheduler "will not allowsame day scheduling, this must be done by calling Greg! If you are a registered online client with MAOW the price will be at the online price.

  Advantages of massage On-Line Scheduling*
Scheduling on: cost less than scheduling in person,  phone scheduling or same day scheduling.
    If you are all ready registered  and call for an appointment, same day or otherwise, you will receive the online  price. I can not guarantee I can get to the scheduler before someone else gets your spot.
It's easy.
* No phone tag.
* You can schedule  24/7.
* Reminders sent to you in advance of your up coming appointment - E-mail and or Text.
* Communicate with your therapist any special needs you may have such as Wheelchair, Broken arm cast,
   Back pain, neck pain, Just need to relax. Enter this information in the special needs area box when scheduling.
* MAOW has your contact numbers and Email address if it is needed to communicate with you.
* From this website you can print out the medical history form to complete before your first visit or      maybe your medical history has changed since your last visit.
Call: Greg Plummer
513 509-9529
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