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Massage Prices:

Standard Prices!
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"Get Massage Just for the Health of it!"

      60 Minutes                                    
   ($56.68 + tax) = $60.00        Online: ($51.52) +Tax = $55.00
                                                Subject to change without notice!
      90 Minutes
   ($76.88 + tax) = $81.00        Online:($65.58) + Tax = $70.00 *
                                               Subject to change without notice!  
    120 Minutes
($101.17 + tax) = $108.00       Online:($89.00) + Tax = $95.00 
                                               Subject to change without notice!     
Standard Price
Online Prices
A package is set for a predetermined cost and a predetermined time frame of use. 
All package deals may not be offered at all locations.
Standard Massage Prices:
 Standard massage prices represent any massage that is not scheduled ONLINE.
 Can be scheduled at the time of your session for your next session if you are already an online client.
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