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Massage Associates of Waynesville, Oh. (MAOW )  Greg & Jan Plummer massage therapists licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board.

Greg Plummer : I have been in Massage Therapy since 1997. Massage therapy is my full time job or maybe I should say my full time passion. I enjoy helping people physically with therapeutic massage at each session but also with those every day life emotional stresses with a relaxation massage.
My Motto is "Get Massage Just for the Health of it."
I feel privileged to meet and work with each and everyone I see. If you have tried this and that without much success I will be glad to team up with you and see what we can accomplish.   

 Please consult your Medical Doctor for any serious issues.

 Massage Therapist are not Doctors and do not diagnose medical conditions.

 Hope to see you in the near future!  MAOW - Greg 

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